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Writings Solution Ltd.

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Career Opportunities @ Writings Solution Ltd.

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Job Opportunity for Qualified Writers @Writings Solution Ltd:
We value the talent and expertise of people. Writings solution offers job opportunities (both short and long term) for the qualified writers.
Job Title: Content Writer (Executive level)
Number of vacancies: N/A 
1. Candidates must have fluency in English writing, reading and speaking.
2. Must have High speed internet connection facilities.
3. Ability to write like a native writer
4. Must be aware of plagiarism issue 
5. Previous writing experience is preferred; writer who are currently writing for blogs and web contents are welcome
6. Ability to meet the deadline
7. Should have professionalism in writings
8. Ability to deliver at least 5 articles per day
9.Should have creativity, imagination and patience 
10. Must  have own a PC (laptop is preferred)
11. Familiar with basic computer operations and internet applications
12. Ability to communicate via gtalk and Skype

Attractive compensation will be offered to the selected candidates
Interested candidates are requested to contact via "contact us" section. Thanks

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Domain Specific Languages- An overview

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Domain Specific Languages are important tools for the software development process. The inherent feature of DSL makes it quite helpful for the developer in creating the application. By definition, DSL refers to the custom languages that trigger to show the small domain problem. DSL differs from the general-purpose languages, as it tends to describe the greatest abstraction level. DSL simply used to highlight specific problem. Professional application developers referred this language frequently. A universal language covers all sorts of problems aspects in general because domain specific languages used as tool to get a solution of highly customized difficulties in application development. Since focus in given in abstraction, users can easily understand the loophole.

The availability of DSL tools makes it easy for the developers to build the basic structure of the program. It also provides the graphical representations for the designers. In the first stages, DSL indicates the clear view of the problem that the end users can handle easily. The major advantage of this form is the ease with which it approaches to a problem. Using this language saves time in the oriental level and increases the overall productivity. It generates the artifacts i.e. the source code that boosts the quality and standardization, which ultimately results in fewer bugs. Developers are never get bored rather find interesting. Therefore, they can concentrate more in the development aspects of the program.
Majority of people do not have prior proper knowledge about DSL since its inception is new. Microsoft tools are also quite immature in nature missing some attractive features also. The developers need to think properly and thoroughly before using domain specific languages as it may have some negative consequences too. Users suing this language have better insight and understandings about the problems in the domain. To synchronize the model and artifacts one of the common approaches is to regenerate the artifacts with the help of automotive procedure. This procedure helps to act as a bridge among the syncing processes. Other useful way is to have round tripping for a selected domain.
The prior thing of using DSL is to understand better the problem that model needs to develop. In the million-dollar software industry, domain specific languages are widely used to cope with the known problems in application building. As various languages are available for completing the basic structure such as .NET and visual studio, for the customization still the designers picks the DSL for its handy in use. Triggering to counteract the known challenges, the architects nurture the DSL with least convenient ways. Rather than taking as a panacea for the cure of all wounds, developers takes DSL as the special doctor approach.
One of the most useful factors for the end users of the applications is the friendly languages of DSL. As the domain specific languages used to diagnose only very customized and selected issues of the domain, convenience of time, cost and resources insured easily. Many large firms producing various application packages are using DSL tools. Most biotechnology applicants used domain specific rules for a particular domain. DSL captures precisely the semantics easily and quickly than the general-purpose languages. In the arena of application development DSL minimizes the semantic gap between the application and the problem.
DSL uses XML platforms, which let the designers define, prescribe and customize the application’s persistent level. DSL derives from the need of customization of problems. IN the general-purpose languages, this specialization of identification is absent. GPL is a vast arena in software development platform where customization sometimes becomes absurd. Therefore, tech developers always want a common and friendly language that fulfills the basic need of a domain. Plenty of advancement occurred in the software industry using DSL as a basic basement for developing applications. Different DSL tools are also available in the hand of the developers for building the primary design. The data and graphical presentations using DSL tools make the language quite worthy for the software designers.
The main purpose of the software architects is to design a program through which the users finds comfortable and friendly. Sometimes for broad arena of problems, DSL can become unstable. Therefore, the developers first need to find the dimension, use, scope of DSL tools in solving the problems they are confronting. Most of the highly reputed application builders find it comfortable using DSL tools for its adaptive capacity and flexibility. Individual industries have built their own specific applications using customized DSL. Telecommunication companies needs to entertain phone calls consecutively to serve the customers. Using DSL, these companies may develop their programs to gain maximum productivity and customer satisfaction. Many industries where sophisticated mechanisms are operated, DSL tools used to solve their specific domain problem.
DSL users make the models that are instances of a particular cause i.e. specific website description. The application users find the model as forms or diagrams to store the information. Moreover, DSL helps to define the interactions of graphics UI of the user’s home screen. A common DSL shows collection of various rectangles and icons. The design, template, functions of the software is designed by the domain specific languages. With the help of DSL, developers present the program quite attractive and interesting.
Using domain specific language helps the developers to create a prototype or dummy before ending the finished product. A DSL is required for the designers when they have to write the same repetitive codes for various products and services. Defining menu command in the DSL helps the users to edit if required in the applications in real work area. An interesting thing of using DSL is that it gives information to the non-developer about the overall design of the domain. This gives the amateur and non-professional developers an idea about the various ins and outs of the program. Briefly, DSL opens a new era for the software developers, professionals, users along with all the stakeholders to have proper knowledge, description and idea about the specific problem in the domain.

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