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A brief guide about Lead Generation Process

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Lead generation is a very common buzzword in the marketing world. Today, Business organizations are growing rapidly and striving to win the hearts of the consumers through various promotional campaigns.

As the consumers are the basic and ultimate users of the products and services; marketers needs to identify and source out new potential users of their commodities and services. And here comes the lead generation process. Basically, a lead is the probable and potential user of any offerings. But, it is challenging and sometimes very difficult for the marketers to find out the target people who will ultimately become the consumers of their products and services. So, Lead Generation is the process of prospecting the potential people from the population to whom finally the offers being given later.

A LG specialist is a person who specializes in finding the information from various offline and online sources and aiding the sales team of a company. Sometimes LG specialist needs to work with the sales team to call the potential client and do some tasks I.e (appointment setting, cold calling, spreading the promotional news etc). There are various tools and techniques used in the LG process.

There are normally three forms and phases in the lead generation works:

Researching the leads:
In the first phase, a LG expert searches the internet and publicly available sources for indentifying the target group of people. Marketers normally set the criteria; suppose a company offers medical devices which help to relieve pains to the dental patients. So, here in this particular case the target customer may be the dentists. The company is also looking for selling those equipments to New York area only.

So the LG expert then need to filter that information and limited his/her searches to those two criteria only. Collecting the personal information such as names, email address and mobile number of any person can be the basic identifiers of any Lead Generation specialist. But finding those information is not so easy most of the cases. It is the normal tendency of people not to expose their email and personal phone numbers. So, here LG expert needs to deploy various techniques and tricks to extract that information. There are many emails guessing tools to identify the email address such as assuming the email pattern of company which is the combination of first name and surname.

Email Outreach:
In this phase, a LG specialist needs to perform schedule email campaign to send custom message generally drafted by the marketing company. And wait for the response of the people whom the message has been sent. For this overall task, various email sending platforms are used.

Calling the leads:
In this phase the lead generation expert need to call the target people and communicate with them and deliver the custom information set by the company professionals. Here various tasks like driving signups for a website, appointment settings, schedule a meeting with company officials, offering to send any custom email from the company mail of that particular person are some of the tasks of lead generation professionals.

There are many professional LG companies operating globally to generate a leads and serving the corporate clients when required.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Bermuda Triangle- A Mystery and Myth in the Atlantic Ocean

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The Bermuda triangle, also known as “The Devils Triangle” is one of the wonders of thought for the scientists and historians of our time. There have various myths about this place where people believe something unnatural activities happened there. This site is located in the closest of Atlantic Ocean stretched from Florida State to Bermuda islands and closest to Puerto Rico. Voyagers face difficulties passing this area with uncertainties and fear in their mind.

“The Bermuda Triangle” was first used in an article for the magazine named “Argosy” in 1964, written by Vincent H. Gaddis. He cited that the area across the sea had something strange phenomenon of disappearing the ships and vessels. Mr. Gaddis also claimed that there was no concrete evidence for these mysterious activities in the sea. Mr. Spencer in a book in 1969 “Limbo of the Lost” highlighted these unusual incidents. A documentary also released in 1971 named “the Devil’s Triangle” Based on the writings of that book.

Scientists and researchers are still conducting many researches to find out the hidden truth of the Bermuda Triangle. Some argues that there is a very specific magnetic actions going on there which lead to the attraction of planes and ships. Others claimed that due to methane eruptions from the sea oceans make an imbalance situation to for the vessels to float in the water. It would become difficult for the ships to maintain their weight which ultimately sinks.

In 1975, an Arizona State University librarian, Mr. Larry Kusche provides a different view regarding this matter. He claimed in his book “The Bermuda Triangle Mystery-Solved’ that the ships might also disappear in the calm ocean where no abnormalities found. The disappearance of “USS Cyclops” in 1918 is one of the noted stories in the history of sea tragedy. The missing of “Flight 19” and “SS Marine Sulphur Queenwere two noted examples.

People have much interest and curiosity to know the true underlying factors of this topic. The Bermuda Triangle still remains a mystery for many sea tragedies. The sea scientists and scholars are still trying to identify the underlying facts behind the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. We believe that with the advancement and innovation of modern technologies for exploring the underwater state, the mystery will be unlocked in near future.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014- An Overview

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The colorful FIFA world cup 2014 has just finished recently. Brazil was the host of this prestigious tournament. Football is a game of excitement, a passion of joy, a battle of fame, the gathering of fans, and a symphony of emotions.  Football is probably the only sport which catches the attention of global audience and touches the heart of people around the world. The whole nations wait for four years to show their strength and charisma in the field. This year the magical game became significant with breaking and making new records.

FIFA world cup 2014 will definitely secured its distinct position in the history of football. Brazil tried their level best to highlight and present the game in own view. As a host Brazil had successfully highlighted their culture, environment, custom. Football is treated as the greatest show on earth where almost all the nations became the stakeholder of this tournament. This year the theme song was titled as ‘Dar Um Jeito’ means ‘We Will Find A Way’. The famous pop singer Shakira rocks the opening and closing ceremony with her song ‘la la la’.

32 national teams from five continents across the world participated in the FIFA world cup 2014. The world had enjoyed the tournament lasted for 32 days.  64 matches were played in this colorful event. Among the 32 teams Germany and Argentina played final match where Germans became the world champions in this tournament.
Lionel Messi of Argentina achieved the golden ball as the best player of the tournament award. Colombian star James Rodriguez got the golden boot for making the highest goal maker in the FIFA world cup 2014. German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer got the prize of Golden Globe for his magnificent performance.

The overall organization of the Brazil hosted tournament was quite satisfactory despite some mistakes and limitations. Economists predicted that Brzail could generate more revenue from this tournament. The host nation tried to promote their tourism and business with this world event. The economy of Brazil will be strengthened by the FIFA world cup 2014.

In this whole event, Germans has proven their superiority, talent and power by playing the best games. They played so well match by match that brings them the title of the champion’s trophy. In the glamorous final match, German beat Argentina by 1-0 goal and claim the trophy after 24 years. FIFA World cup 2014 had finished at last but the excitement and pleasure it provides will last for long time.

Pro Flight Simulator- A complete package of fun, thrilling and pleasure

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It’s been a fantasy for the game lovers to get a change to fly like a superman while playing a game online. Pro Flight Simulator allows you to travel and visit different places of the world virtually under distinct weathers in real time modes. This game has got great popularity for its versatility, uniqueness and user control. There are more than 120 various types of air crafts such as of helicopters, airliners, fighter planes etc. are readily available to fulfill your quest. The developers are continually adding newer airplanes to delight the gaming experience of the gamers. From Wright Brothers plane to the modern sophisticated jets all are available here to lead your journey. You can also land at more than twenty thousand airports located in distant places on the globe. The integration of Google Maps in this game enables you to find the pretty real view of various locations and views. It takes the gamers to an environment which is full of thrilling and excitement.

Pro Flight Simulator has brought many interesting and adventurous features that are treated as the underlying factors of its great popularity. Accurate mapping and proper display of solar system are the two interesting things that will increase the appeal of playing. If you get bored in standalone mode, the multiplayer option will add a new dimension in overall gaming experience. Using this form, both chatting and playing can be done simultaneously. If you find the game uninteresting and tedious, refund and money back guarantee within sixty days is attached herewith. The onetime purchase allows the users to get unlimited and lifetime free update released by the developers. Free bonuses like interactive scenery designer, kelpie flight planner, simulated combat and complete colored flying handbook are also offered with this attractive game. The gamers find full control of cockpits and other technical aspects which make the play really awesome and desirable. You can enjoy it with fun, entertainment and pleasure.

Pro Flight Simulator may take time in downloading if you have slower internet connection and bandwidth. Alternatively, you can also collect the DVD version of this game from the members’ area and play whenever possible. After buying, it can be installed in other computers too. This game is a must have collection and a good choice for presenting the game lovers.  The interactive video tutorials can teach you the ins and outs of this game. It provides the unique tastes and feelings to the players each time they play different stages. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

An article on Air Transportation

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Modern science has made the life easy for people. With the help of innovation in technology, our lifestyle becomes updated. Now, we are in the edge of Modern scientific world. What was our dream yesterday becomes the reality today. Scientific triumph is seen everywhere around us and bring blessings to the mankind. In the field of transportation science make revolutionary change as many new forms of transportation invented.

The face of earth has been changed and science has change the mode of lifestyle in the past hundred years than in last four thousand years before. We have observed the gifts of science of motor cars, steam engine, electric and magnetic trains. But we can be amazed to see the marvelous and greatest invention of flying like a bird in the sky. Previously we were satisfied traveling with the buses, trains, automobiles, even boats and ships. But the dream of moving through air becomes the reality when different forms of air transportation are innovated. Wright brothers invented aero plane in 1903.

Air transportation is the movement or transport of human and objects from one place to another by air. Now in the busy world air transportation becomes the very easy and time saving ways for travel across the world. It is the fastest, shortest, quickest means of the carrier. This forms of travel is vey much comfortable. It gives us the unique opportunity and brings excitement and thrilling while moving from one location to another.

In this pleasant journey no traffic jam and other sorts of barriers are seen. Overall journey by air is much safe, sound and cool experience to the travelers. With the help of air transportation the world has become a mere global family. It successfully exceeds the distant and time constant in journey.
This mode of transportation is still quite costly and since only affluent section of the society can afford it. So, for busy business people especially the top business managers and organization heads, the top officials of any country and other people who have the money used to take air transportation for traveling.

There are various advantages and disadvantages of using air travel. But the advantages are innumerous and the usefulness of taking air transport removes the time and distance limitations. Now people fly to many parts of the worlds with the least time and with very comfortable ways.

Not only for peak time but also for any time during the year, you can book your air ticket. The price of air travel depends on the types of the class of the set, the selection of the airline, destination etc. Bruckner (2002), Daniel and Pahwa, (2000) discussed about the demand management which is becoming a bigger challenge in the airline industry.

The history and evolution of air transportation has come across a long way. Around 400 BC, kites are used as the religious customs in ancient china. Initially kites are made for fun but later more sophisticated kites are tested to know the motion of the wind and weather. From many years human being has the desire to fly in the sky like a bird.

Hero of Alexandria who was a famous ancient Greek engineer worked with stream and air pressure to reveal the sources of power. He had tried some experiments in these fields with a water kettle and fire to get some concepts about power. 

In 1492, Theories of flight was designed by Leonardo da Vinci. He has given over hundred of drawings to highlight his ideas about the concept of flight. Most of his drawings depict the ideas for man carrying machines with wings and trails of birds. His design of Ornithopter is quite similar to helicopter in the modern time. Aviation pioneers and contributor to this field have examined the concept of Vinci in 19th century.

Joseph Michel and Jacques Etienne Montgolfier brothers first developed the hot air balloon in 1783.  The earliest hot balloon climbed 6000 feet high and passed about one mile with a sheep, duck and roosters. Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rozier and Francois Laurent are the first human passengers who flied on November 21, 1783.

Sir George Caysley who has distinguished between lift and drag experimented with wing design in order to find out how human can fly in the sky. His experiments took palace between 1799 and 1850s. A young boy was the first passenger of Canley’s gliders. He has dedicated fifty years in to make updating his theory. He changed the shape of the wing of gliders for smooth air blowing across the wings. In his work, “On Ariel Navigation” he has given clue for human to fly in the sky.
Otto Lilienthal was a German engineer studied aerodynamics and he was the first person of glider designer. Using his design subsequent engineers got various clues of flying techniques. He was so much enthralled and exited about flight design that he wrote a book and published in 1889. His work was taken by the Wright brothers as a base of flight design.

In 1891, Samuel Langley built a place called aerodrome. On December 17, 1903, Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright did their first quest of flying in the air. They had studied the earlier works, took good concept and implement in their experiment. They studied the motion of wind and other scientific factors and did the research.
1st the Wright brothers tests with the gliders. They designed the wind tunnel to change the shapes of the wings. Later they create a propulsion system use to make the lift for fly. Orville piloted the plane weighted 605 pounds.US govt. bought the 1st plane form Wright brothers in 1909 with a value of $25000 and awarded a bonus of $5000 for exceed forty mph.

There are various types of air transportation exists both commercially and private. Some of them have been developed many years ago and some are developed recently couple of years back. Toady’s hot air balloons are used with the same technology and feature of the previously invented balloons. In a wicker basket heat source and passengers are placed under the shed of the balloon. According to the direction of the wind, balloon moves with the increase of heat.

Various colorful and attractive balloons are seen as a medium of air transportation. The most popular means of air transport is the fixed wing airplane. Flight tracking organization flight ware claims that over 49315 commercial flights operate globally on a daily basis. Nearly 1.2 billion people of the world use airplane as a means of transportation. So we can find the impact of Air transportation on the social life of people.

For smooth takeoff and landing a long runway is required at the airport. Propeller is used to warm up the place for flight and wings work as wind stabilizer. The airplanes are designed in such a way that they can withstand any bad situation in the air like bad weather or other natural or manual problems. The pilots are so adept in handling the air plane; they are enabling to ride a plane even in most risky and dangerous situation.

Helicopters are other medium of air transport. Mainly it is used to carry the soldiers into the remote areas where with the airplane can be accessible. The apache helicopter is the modern sand sophisticated form of transportation used in the defense. In the emergency situation of any country like flood or cyclones, the relief can be reached to the affected people though helicopter. Personal air transport is seen for the richest people of the world.

The importance of air transportation is unimaginable. It takes days even months to travel via seas but it takes only couple of hours to reach any destination via air. Toady air travel become very much common. Most of the countries of the world use this medium of transport. Brueckner (2005) studied about the fact of managing the passengers need to travel via air. The air line authorities need to give more focus to fulfill the growing need of air transport of the people. Many companies currently producing large and most sophisticated air plane with the state of the art technology.

Research is being conducted to at NASA Langley Research Center to fly the Pacific Ocean in few hours of time or try to develop jumbo jet having giant wings that carries over 700 passengers. Airbus, the aircraft manufacturer has a plan named “engineers dream”. The company wants to make this dream in to reality by 2030 which they claimed will be the future of air transport.

The plane will have all the latest and comfortable facilities of our imagination. The aircraft will have the design of cabins and engines, aerodynamics and aircraft materials. The seat of the plane will have self cleaning materials designed for a snug fit. Walls of the plane will give 360 views with transparent see through button. The use of green energy like solar panels, fuel cells and body heat used to generate power all the systems will be presented in the future aircraft.

The safety measures will be the most focus of future air Transportation. The future planes will be designed in such a way to provide the passengers with utmost safety and security. The seating arrangements, trouble handling measures will be so updated that passengers will be highly delighted with the service.

Another aspect of future airplane is to reach the destination with the fastest mode. The speed of future plane will be super fast. The air transportation in the future will become not only comfortable but also memorable. Various aspects of Airport services demand and supply  have been discussed  in the work of  Zografos and Madas (2003). They tried to show different approaches in this matter. The cargo transporters will become more flexible and less time consuming.

Various Commercial airlines allow citizens to attend different business programs, holiday vacation, and tour to the globe. Many long distance cargos are moved quickly via air transport. Human and cargo carriers are shipped on charters or regular frequent basis. In an airport various flights are scheduled for variety of destination. People can take the service by booking the tickets online or manually.

The future of airplane industry will be focused on the green energy especially solar energy. Some researches had been conducted which try to highlight the future dimension and nature of air transport using the green and other alternative sources of energy. Ausubel and meyer (1998) , Bhadra, Gentry and Wells (2005) This new sources of alternative energy bring opportunities that can be applied to Air plane industry. Various researches are ongoing to develop viable and cost reducing energy for the airplane. We hope that in the very near future this imagination will become the reality and transportation via air becomes very much pleasant and comfortable.

Air transportation unlike other modes of transportation has much impact in the economy of any country. Developed countries and provide the best facilities of Air transport by establishing various airports in the busy and important states across the country. When people are provided with much innovative and safe means of air transport facilities, the revenue of the air industry will increase.
When destinations are very far away, commercial airplane travel become the most comfortable and quick means. Sometimes accidental issues and risk of life may occur in air travel. But the same can be happens to other mode of communication like water and road transportation.

Most of the airplanes are equipped with many features and facilities that give the passengers the unique opportunity of traveling. The food and stuff are well served and the air hostess shows their warm hospitability that can delight any one who travels by air for the first time. The air plane industry owner tries to provide the home environment during the travel by air. The state of the art technology and the digital equipment of entertainment take you in the world of imagination.

Air travel is very convenience especially when you are in a hurry or rush situation. Schank (2005) discussed about several pricing strategy of the airline industry. The peak and off-peak pricing and its effect on the passengers to take air transport have been highlighted in their study.You can book the air ticket easily by making a phone call to any traveling agent. There are several organizations that may assist you in answering your quires about air travel.

Air transportation system brings us the opportunity to move the cargo in very quickest and fastest time. Journey by air is very pleasant and interesting. It gives good feelings and excitement to the passengers on board. The outside scenery observed from the plane is very charming.

Air Transport makes the far distance place very close. We can now go anywhere in the world within very short time. The transport of human and the cargo are two types of service the airline industry serves.

With the expansion of global business and transaction with distant parts of the world, it requires a swift mode of transport system. People are previously in search of the need of such type of service. Now with the invention of modern science air transport meets the hidden desire of people to move from one place to another by air. The air transport system is a blessing of the modern science which unveils the opportunities of serving a distinct group of people who want to travel by air.

Apart from other transportation medium like transport by water or road transportation, air transportation is very much popular and useful mode of transportation. Now business head managers and top officials of the state can attend any foreign meeting and programs quickly with the help of air transport and come back within very short time.

How To Loss Your Weight Within Very Short Time- Some Proven Tips

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We eat to live. But by overeating people become obese and got too much weight.  This overweight then becomes burden and discomfort.  Overweight is responsible for many diseases even causes the threat for the life. So loosing the weight now becomes a slogan for the people who are in heavy healthy situation. Here I am suggesting some smaller but helpful tips and ways of reducing weight.

Give up eating junk food: Overweight campaign become unsuccessful if you continue to eat junk and fast foods.  You must give up those foods and change this habit. Junk food includes all the snacks i.e. pizza, burger, potato chips, mutton/beef chops and other fast foods.  By refraining from taking those foods, you will become one step ahead of your weight loss process.

Do continuous exercise regularly: One of the most important proven weight loss techniques is exercise. It not only reduces the weight but also helpful for the general health care. If you are a busy professional, you can try freehand exercise or with instrument.  Walking in the morning and at night is very good exercise. This will substantially loose your weight.

Drink much water regularly: It is very interesting to see the effect of drinking water in your weight loss process. Water keeps your body function smooth and replenishes the system. A person should eat at least 8 glasses of water daily for best result.

Gradually minimize taking the quantity of food: Another way of your weight loss process is that you can decrease the calories of food in your body by eating less. One thing you should remember, don’t put your stomach in starvation. The best technique is you can minimize the food quantity but not the frequency of food habit. Diet is very much helpful in this campaign.You can make a chart contains the list of dieting food items. Maintain the chart regularly and gradually decrease the calorie in that chart.

Try to be tension free and have sound sleep: Keeping tension free and proper sleep at night make your body and mind refresh. Studies have been proved that insomnia at night boosts the hunger and appetite. This will lead to eating more foods which is a problem for weight loss efforts. In order to have sound sleep, a person should have at least 8 hours sleep throughout the day.

There is no unique ways for weight loss. Do more hard work in a day, maintain a balanced diet and follow the techniques described earlier. Surely you will find a good result. Live healthy without overweight.

Schizophrenia - Symptoms and Treatments of a Mental Disease

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In This problematic world, we need to face lot of situations. Schizophrenia is a typical mental sickness that affects many people around the globe. This psychological problem occurs in the childhood and stays in post adolescence. Normally people of all ages may have this disorder.

Patient expresses irregularity of behavior and observations. There are three types of symptoms of this disease i.e. negative, positive and cognitive. In case of positive symptoms, people are not in touch of the real world and it is somewhat negligible. They sometimes make loose associations of conversations, quickly jump from one topic to another or may give unrelated answer to the queries. Disorganized behavior is observed in the patient’s speech.

Negative symptoms mostly related to the breakdown of the normal actions and sentiments. In related to illness, this behavior is very difficult to figure out. 25% of the patients have a condition named deficit syndromes. Here patients feel lack of motivation, social phobia, diminished affective responsiveness, movement and speech. Negative state lends to last more times than positive condition. It is related with the improved functional outcome like role and social functioning and independent living skills.

Unlike negative situation, cognitive symptoms also remain untraced and unrecognizable. Poor executive functioning is observed among the patients behavior. Often they failed to grab and interpret the information and reach a decision. Patients show volatile recent memory that fails to keep the latest learned information. They become unable to live normal lives that cause great emotional distress.

Sufferer often experience under the condition of hallucination. Some unknown voices are perceived to be heard by those people. Often they feel, see and taste unreal things and object that is not present at all. Delusion situation is also observed where patient s thinks that somebody might injure them. Again, they feel uniqueness and special power in them.

Most of the cases schizophrenia patients show abnormality in the  behavior and personal characteristics. These strange expression most of the time cannot be detected fully.

People having this disease show reduction in the bodily functions. They can not do hard work with full energy. Less concentration on the jobs is very common. Patients loose the interest of doing anything.

Since schizophrenia is related to the psychological disorder, it requires great observation of the patients. Doctors spend much time listening to patient’s history and background.  Mental support is very much required as it is a mental disorder. Support groups who can give assurance and accompany, can play an important role here. Patients should not be kept alone. Meditation can be helpful. Proper rest and sleep is needed. Patients should be freed from all bad tension and situations. Family, friends and other accepted persons can aid them to become well and come back to normal life. Some scientific exercise and process is also helpful. IF the situation get worse, as a last resort patient can be hospitalized where doctor take proper care.

Some medicine can be prescribed. One thing to remember that drugs are not very much helpful rather mental support and counseling can help patients to overcome this imbalanced mental situation

Basics about Insomnia And Its Effects

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Insomnia is a symptom or problem state of a person that is related to psychiatric disorders. The key attribute of insomnia is that in spite of the opportunity to sleep the people remain sleepless.

Research identifies a number of types for insomnia over the years this sleeplessness condition can be classified based on causal viewpoint. Primary insomnia considered as a disorder or symptom in itself and secondary insomnia could occur as a symptom of other health problem or disorder.

This sleeping problem can vary in terms severity and time duration. To some people, it may last a few nights. Others may struggle with insomnia for several months or even years. National Center for Sleep Disorders Research at NIH claims that about 30-40% adult show some symptoms of insomnia within a year for a short period of time where as long-term or chronic insomnia affects 10-15 % of the young generation and adults.
Some causes of insomnia like-

Ø  Significant life stressors like  loss or change, divorce situation death of a loved one,
Ø  Body illness
Ø  Psychological and emotional or physical discomfort
Ø  Some environmental factors like noise, hot or cold temperature that interfere with sleep.

Primary insomnia the condition when people have difficulty in staying or initiating asleep that continued for some days or even more than a month.  This type of insomnia is not attributable to some physiological effects of a material or substance i.e. for medical and psychiatric cause, use of drugs. The important thing is insomnia is treated and viewed as a distinct and independent health problem or disorder.

Secondary insomnia condition is a state or symptom of an underlying illness or other health conditions. Many disorders are assumed to cause insomnia problem. Some general sleep disorders such as narcolepsy and apnea are very common. Where as, other prominent sleepless conditions such as asthma and depression and heart disease, addiction to alcohol, caffeine and certain prohibited drugs are also responsible for the development of this sleepless condition.

Patients shows difficulty in falling asleep, disturbed and split sleep, daytime drowsiness most of the cases. Insomnia affected people suffer lack of energy.  This situation leads to the result in a poorer quality of life.

Doctors may prescribe to take some physical examinations in order to determine, whether there exists a health problem that may cause insomnia. Further diagnostic procedures and test like different blood test may be doe to find out the problem i.e. thyroid or other conditions that may affect the sleep pattern of the patient.

Generally, acute insomnia condition need not require treatment. By practicing good sleep habits, mild insomnia often can prevent and cure easily. If taking medicine during daytime become problem then your health care provider or the medical consultant may prescribe sleeping pills for a short period at night. Short- action medication can help the patient to avoid some effects such as drowsiness and tiredness on the following day. Try to avoid taking over the counter sleeping pills for insomnia. You should be aware about the side effects of using those drugs as some patient reported having problems of their health.

For the Treatment of chronic insomnia, it includes identifying any underlying conditions or health problems that are responsible for occurring insomnia situation. If this condition continues for a long time, the doctor, health care provider or medical specialist may suggest undertaking some behavioral therapies. Those tests and approaches aid you to change the behavior that may deteriorate insomnia and get new information and insights to increase the sleep of the patients. There are some techniques like meditation, yoga, physical relaxation exercises and other sleep restriction therapies and techniques may be helpful to cure insomnia.

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