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Hepatitis A: The Symptoms, Precautious Techniques and Remedy

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Hepatitis A is a very common and quickly growing disease among many people around the world. Studies revealed that people don’t have much knowledge about the virus and even don’t know about the infection. This unawareness helps Hepatitis A to grow rapidly and at an alarming rate in developing countries. But today the medical science has invented the vaccine and medical treatment which save many lives from fatal health and liver problems.

Hepatitis A comes into the body silently and without notice. Most of the time patient doesn’t recognize the presence of this disease. It spreads through HAV virus. Though this is not as deadly as other types of hepatitis, but you should be alert and know the causes of the virus. The contaminated food and water is the prime source through which HAV infected. It is estimated that 90 percent children under the age of five falls into victim of this disease by drinking impure water and got death. Eating Shellfish i.e. cockles, oysters, mussels without proper boiling and living in unhygienic environment also cause HAV to grow more. Those fishes process and filter large quantities of HAV bacteria through sea water. Homosexual activities among men have higher degree of chance for suffering this medical condition. Blood donation through affected person is another reason.

The symptom of Hepatitis A is very common. Little headache, nausea, Getting tired and irritating, liver pain, urinal problem etc are the basic exposure of HAV. Patient losses his/her energy and fell lack of appetite. An inflammatory condition is observed around the liver and jaundice.  Older people have the chance to see the symptoms than the children.

 In order to get rid of Hepatitis A, you should take proper care and very much cautious when taking food and water. Drink pure water regularly and avoid junk, rotten and contaminate frozen foods. Wash you hand properly if you are engaged in food preparing services. Refrain from taking alcohol if you get infected by HAV virus. Go to the doctor immediately when you find any symptoms. Use much precaution when travelling in developing countries and the highly populated environment.

Mainly children get affected by this disease. But adults of all ages are now seen having patient of hepatitis A. Within two to seven weeks, patient affected by this syndrome.
There are two types of vaccines invented and certified by the FDA in USA. It is taken through muscle with injection. After 6 months two doses are given to the patients. 

Recently a new cure has been developed which contains herbal ingredients. This medicine is very much effective and helpful as it contains natural solutions. Patients must keep in proper care and keep way from the HAV affected people.

Hepatitis A is fully curable and patients get back enthusiasm and full energy after proper treatment. One thing to remember that Hepatitis A is not just fatal and dangerous like its next two states the B and C. Under the guidance of a skilled and good doctor, patients can get rid of the HAV virus and live a healthy life.

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