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The Benefits And Uses Omega 3 Fatty Acid (Fish Oil)

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Fish oil is getting popular as dietary supplements in the recent years. It is also known as Omega-3 fatty acids. It is derived from the cold water fish as salmon, cod tuna etc.  Medical science is now getting believed that using fish oil can reduce the heart disease to a great extent. And uses of this oil have been increased because of its anti inciting effect.

Fish oil is used widely because of its numerous health benefits:

1. Less Inflammation and pain: Omega 3 fatty acid reduces inflammation and pain. Its anti inflammatory attributes prevent the chance of occurring cystitis, arthritis and controls the body’s inflammation cycle.

2. Cardiovascular Health: Fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids which help to lower cholesterol within the veins and arteries. So life expectancy increases.

3. Intelligence increases and brain works well when this oil is taken. This omega 3 fatty acid helps to increase the brain memory and critical reasoning power for the adult people. For the pregnant and nursing mother doctors often prescribe to take this oil. Thus increases the working ability of the neural system of the child. So children become enriched with higher intelligence skill and smarter than their parents.

4. Taking omega 3 fatty acid reduces the chance of getting heart attack and other heart diseases. Omega 3 fatty acid prevents blood clotting which leads to heart attack and stroke.

5.Taking fish oil improves the vision. it helps in preventing the eye disorders.

6.For skin care fish oil is helpful. It makes the skin shiny by improving the condition of dry and poor skin. Various skin problems i.e. skin lesions, and rashes, psoriasis, redness of skin, itching, can be cured using omega 3 fatty acids. Loss of moisture from the skin can be reduced by taking this oil capsules regularly. Preventing the sunburns and hair care, this oil is also helpful.

7.Since this oil reduces the chance of various heart diseases it is also very much helpful in diabetics’ problems.

8. Omega 3 fatty acid is helpful in reducing the chance of occurring three forms of breast cancer i.e. breast, colon and prostate.

9. One of the most benefits of taking this oil is that it reduces the weight to a greater extent. People who are striving to reduce their weight can take it regularly.
10. Fish oil is very much helpful in dealing with anxiety and tension. When you feel tense or under severe mental pressure, just take it. Among various fish oil, cod liver oil and shark liver oil is used in many ways.

An adult should not take more than 3 grams daily of omega-3 fatty acids without the prescription of a doctor. Children should also take fish oil upon the proper prescription of good health care provider. 

Some fish may contain some ingredients i.e. heavy metals like mercury which may harmful for the health. Taking omega 3 fatty acid provides many health benefits. Different research is going on in this field. So in word it can be said that fish oil provides innumerate positive effect on the health.

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