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Basics about Insomnia And Its Effects

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Insomnia is a symptom or problem state of a person that is related to psychiatric disorders. The key attribute of insomnia is that in spite of the opportunity to sleep the people remain sleepless.

Research identifies a number of types for insomnia over the years this sleeplessness condition can be classified based on causal viewpoint. Primary insomnia considered as a disorder or symptom in itself and secondary insomnia could occur as a symptom of other health problem or disorder.

This sleeping problem can vary in terms severity and time duration. To some people, it may last a few nights. Others may struggle with insomnia for several months or even years. National Center for Sleep Disorders Research at NIH claims that about 30-40% adult show some symptoms of insomnia within a year for a short period of time where as long-term or chronic insomnia affects 10-15 % of the young generation and adults.
Some causes of insomnia like-

Ø  Significant life stressors like  loss or change, divorce situation death of a loved one,
Ø  Body illness
Ø  Psychological and emotional or physical discomfort
Ø  Some environmental factors like noise, hot or cold temperature that interfere with sleep.

Primary insomnia the condition when people have difficulty in staying or initiating asleep that continued for some days or even more than a month.  This type of insomnia is not attributable to some physiological effects of a material or substance i.e. for medical and psychiatric cause, use of drugs. The important thing is insomnia is treated and viewed as a distinct and independent health problem or disorder.

Secondary insomnia condition is a state or symptom of an underlying illness or other health conditions. Many disorders are assumed to cause insomnia problem. Some general sleep disorders such as narcolepsy and apnea are very common. Where as, other prominent sleepless conditions such as asthma and depression and heart disease, addiction to alcohol, caffeine and certain prohibited drugs are also responsible for the development of this sleepless condition.

Patients shows difficulty in falling asleep, disturbed and split sleep, daytime drowsiness most of the cases. Insomnia affected people suffer lack of energy.  This situation leads to the result in a poorer quality of life.

Doctors may prescribe to take some physical examinations in order to determine, whether there exists a health problem that may cause insomnia. Further diagnostic procedures and test like different blood test may be doe to find out the problem i.e. thyroid or other conditions that may affect the sleep pattern of the patient.

Generally, acute insomnia condition need not require treatment. By practicing good sleep habits, mild insomnia often can prevent and cure easily. If taking medicine during daytime become problem then your health care provider or the medical consultant may prescribe sleeping pills for a short period at night. Short- action medication can help the patient to avoid some effects such as drowsiness and tiredness on the following day. Try to avoid taking over the counter sleeping pills for insomnia. You should be aware about the side effects of using those drugs as some patient reported having problems of their health.

For the Treatment of chronic insomnia, it includes identifying any underlying conditions or health problems that are responsible for occurring insomnia situation. If this condition continues for a long time, the doctor, health care provider or medical specialist may suggest undertaking some behavioral therapies. Those tests and approaches aid you to change the behavior that may deteriorate insomnia and get new information and insights to increase the sleep of the patients. There are some techniques like meditation, yoga, physical relaxation exercises and other sleep restriction therapies and techniques may be helpful to cure insomnia.

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