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A brief guide about Lead Generation Process

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Lead generation is a very common buzzword in the marketing world. Today, Business organizations are growing rapidly and striving to win the hearts of the consumers through various promotional campaigns.

As the consumers are the basic and ultimate users of the products and services; marketers needs to identify and source out new potential users of their commodities and services. And here comes the lead generation process. Basically, a lead is the probable and potential user of any offerings. But, it is challenging and sometimes very difficult for the marketers to find out the target people who will ultimately become the consumers of their products and services. So, Lead Generation is the process of prospecting the potential people from the population to whom finally the offers being given later.

A LG specialist is a person who specializes in finding the information from various offline and online sources and aiding the sales team of a company. Sometimes LG specialist needs to work with the sales team to call the potential client and do some tasks I.e (appointment setting, cold calling, spreading the promotional news etc). There are various tools and techniques used in the LG process.

There are normally three forms and phases in the lead generation works:

Researching the leads:
In the first phase, a LG expert searches the internet and publicly available sources for indentifying the target group of people. Marketers normally set the criteria; suppose a company offers medical devices which help to relieve pains to the dental patients. So, here in this particular case the target customer may be the dentists. The company is also looking for selling those equipments to New York area only.

So the LG expert then need to filter that information and limited his/her searches to those two criteria only. Collecting the personal information such as names, email address and mobile number of any person can be the basic identifiers of any Lead Generation specialist. But finding those information is not so easy most of the cases. It is the normal tendency of people not to expose their email and personal phone numbers. So, here LG expert needs to deploy various techniques and tricks to extract that information. There are many emails guessing tools to identify the email address such as assuming the email pattern of company which is the combination of first name and surname.

Email Outreach:
In this phase, a LG specialist needs to perform schedule email campaign to send custom message generally drafted by the marketing company. And wait for the response of the people whom the message has been sent. For this overall task, various email sending platforms are used.

Calling the leads:
In this phase the lead generation expert need to call the target people and communicate with them and deliver the custom information set by the company professionals. Here various tasks like driving signups for a website, appointment settings, schedule a meeting with company officials, offering to send any custom email from the company mail of that particular person are some of the tasks of lead generation professionals.

There are many professional LG companies operating globally to generate a leads and serving the corporate clients when required.

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