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American Revolution-The History of Creation of The Most Advanced Nations of The World

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The history of American Revolution is a matter of pride as well as the sacrifice of the predecessors of current American citizens. The revolution was a saga of the sacrifice, dedication, patriotism, unity and right to fight for the justice for the whole nation. It was the result of the long decade prolonged war. The revolution had experienced a heroic act in history and is a great source of inspiration for the modern America’s citizens. Several incidents and background facts had lead to the declaration of war with the former mighty kingdom of the world, the Great Britain. Sugar Act of 1764 and the controversial stamp act in 1765, were passed which aims to impose more tax burden on the former thirteen colonies of Great Britain. Some Puritanism dominated politics had some influence in the society at that time even after the abolition. The colonies realized the ungodly behavior and acts of the kings which inspire them to become unite and fought for the independence.

In 1776, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, ,Connecticut, Rhode Island New York,  Pennsylvania, New Jersey Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina,  South Carolina and Georgia, the thirteen Colonies of  Great Britain located on the  Atlantic coast of North America announced their independence. The colonial people altogether stand side by side by attaching with the American Revolution and formed United States of America later.

It was quite unimaginable for the people of that time to win against the greatest nation of the world as Great Britain had all sorts of power vested round her. Ferling (2007) highlighted the historic background of the independence of America. The expressed the victory a miracle describing some true historic facts. The American Revolution was eminent as the people sought for the freedom from the mastery policies and rules by the British governance. The freedom fighters consisted of civilians mostly farmers without the presence of formal army. But the sprit of the colonist people and the strong desire for the liberty and independence brought them the sun of victory from the mighty Great Britain.

Historians believed that the revolution was initiated not only fought against the British but also brought the own government for the peace loving colonist citizens. Tension has reached the breaking point between mother country and the colonies by 1775. Edgar (2001) revealed the facts of the 13 colonies that fought for independence, the patriotism and sprit of the people at that time. General Gage was in charge of the Boston British troops sent his army to seize the rebel soldiers who are suspected to have large collection of weapons gathered. By the killing of eight minutemen and several injuries in the skirmish on Lexington initiates the beginning of the great American Revolution.

At that time  little document published by Thomas Paine named Common Sense over 150,000 copies  has been sold which attacked King George as well as the idea of government by kings and called for independence. Tennent (1774) described the invasion was logical as he cited some arguments in favor of his research about American Revolution. British tried to hamper the business of America by encouraging the slaves of colonies to flee from their masters.

There are several factors that aid America to get freedom. The British troops have to come across the ocean whereas Americans fought at home. The extension of support from French helped a lot. Kidd (2010) in his latest work depicts about various religious issues and speaks about the socio cultural factors about the great victory of America over Britain. Religion had great impact on America’s revolution and it provides moral sprit to the people who are fighting for the independence. Some historians and scholars believed the revolution was justified in the sight of God. The slowness of General William Howe in taking decision and the honest, bold and strong leadership of the George Washington brings the independence of America in 1783 with the historic treaty of Paris.

From the political standpoint, the revolution can be expressed as the lack of confidence of the colonial states with the British laws and jurisdiction because of the lack of the representation of their own people in policy making and governing body. American Revolution had two main aspects one is to have own written constitution replacing the British rules where local elected governors undertake the administrative duties and the second is to limit the power of the govt. and increase the liberty of the citizens.

By the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, the American constitution was enacted on September 17, 1787. Leland (1985) discussed about the US constitution and showed the framework of govt. of the country. It is the highest law of the USA with having a preamble, seven original articles, and twenty-seven amendments. This constitution should be ratified by at minimum 9 special state conventions to become enacted.  Denied of the constitution by any state will be treated to disobedience and that state won’t be considered as part of the union. Federalists were the supporters of the US constitution who believed the unity of the 13 states whereas anti federalist were the protesters who thought those 13 states should become independent republic states.

The US constitution is a symbol of freedom and liberty of human rights. The American history of independence has much influence of earlier socio-economic cultural incidents. The constitution is the main working and operating motivation for the Govt. Some scholars claim the constitution has loophole that hinders the democracy. True democracy will be existed when people of the country will enjoy freedom of expression, equal employment opportunity and enough employment facility to uplift their standard of living.

In the past decades America has suffered the racial violation and infringement of the citizen liberty. Since America is a country constitutes of different races and cultures, the elected local leaders should try to keep the interest of those various group of people. Constitution is the prime save guard for the citizens of the country. It is not static rather continuous process to make change in order to adjust with the issues raised in the modern time. Several amendments has been made and yet many to come to make the US constitution the most reliable and exemplary in the world. 

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