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Hepatitis B: The Causes, Symptoms And Cure

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Liver inflammation is often leads to the infection of hepatitis B. It is one of the most deadly diseases which take million of lives each year around the world. The final state of hepatitis B is liver cancer. In this situation, patients suffer a lot pain. It is transmitted through blood. Human being is the carrier of this disease. Most of the people died without knowing that they had the infection of hepatitis B. it is estimated that one third of the population of the world is under the infection of this deadly virus. Medical science is conducting continual research to find out the best drug against this disease.

There are two forms of this virus often called HBV. When patient is in acute form, attack is mild and easily recoverable. But in case of chronic infection, patients are under very much risky situation. This phase is very much fearful. The patient gradually leads to liver damage state which ultimately causes death.

Blood is the only media through which this virus is transmitted. In the time of blood transmission, caution is required. Doing un-protective sex with infected persons, taking blood, used needles and other blood mediums are the causes of HBV.

Most of the cases patients are very much unaware about the infection. Hepatitis B virus shows almost no symptom to its victims. But there are some mild fever, headache or liver pain is observed. Patients becomes very much tired and loose his energy when get affected. Symptoms remain hidden even after six month of infection. Most of the patients suffered very painful situation when they are infected. Patients experience malfunction in the liver and bring worse sufferings.

Patients are advised to undertake some blood tests and liver function tests to ascertain the HBV in the blood. A medicine is recently invented by some Australian scientist. They claimed this medicine effective against the HBV. Another herbal treatment is also available which also helpful in curing the disease. But those two drugs are not found in the market in ready form.

If you are a victim of HBV, the doctor might diagnosis with some conventional treatments. For the people who are not a victim but have a chance can take vaccine as precaution. Vaccination is available in the STD clinic and other medical centers. All children can be given this vaccine at the earlier age. For the most risky phases patient should follow the guidelines. Alcohol and some addiction drugs should be prohibited and marketed. Noshing mother can feed their babies if found infected.

There is not unique cure medicine of HBV but taking some drugs may prevent the cancer from multiplying. Since many people are under the threat of this fatal disease, newer and update medicine should be developed at the research laboratory. This is the best ways to be protected against this fatal life killing disease. Though hepatitis B is very contagious and fearful disease, by maintaining a balanced life under the supervision of a good doctor can be a effective way to have the chance to live.

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