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Schizophrenia - Symptoms and Treatments of a Mental Disease

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In This problematic world, we need to face lot of situations. Schizophrenia is a typical mental sickness that affects many people around the globe. This psychological problem occurs in the childhood and stays in post adolescence. Normally people of all ages may have this disorder.

Patient expresses irregularity of behavior and observations. There are three types of symptoms of this disease i.e. negative, positive and cognitive. In case of positive symptoms, people are not in touch of the real world and it is somewhat negligible. They sometimes make loose associations of conversations, quickly jump from one topic to another or may give unrelated answer to the queries. Disorganized behavior is observed in the patient’s speech.

Negative symptoms mostly related to the breakdown of the normal actions and sentiments. In related to illness, this behavior is very difficult to figure out. 25% of the patients have a condition named deficit syndromes. Here patients feel lack of motivation, social phobia, diminished affective responsiveness, movement and speech. Negative state lends to last more times than positive condition. It is related with the improved functional outcome like role and social functioning and independent living skills.

Unlike negative situation, cognitive symptoms also remain untraced and unrecognizable. Poor executive functioning is observed among the patients behavior. Often they failed to grab and interpret the information and reach a decision. Patients show volatile recent memory that fails to keep the latest learned information. They become unable to live normal lives that cause great emotional distress.

Sufferer often experience under the condition of hallucination. Some unknown voices are perceived to be heard by those people. Often they feel, see and taste unreal things and object that is not present at all. Delusion situation is also observed where patient s thinks that somebody might injure them. Again, they feel uniqueness and special power in them.

Most of the cases schizophrenia patients show abnormality in the  behavior and personal characteristics. These strange expression most of the time cannot be detected fully.

People having this disease show reduction in the bodily functions. They can not do hard work with full energy. Less concentration on the jobs is very common. Patients loose the interest of doing anything.

Since schizophrenia is related to the psychological disorder, it requires great observation of the patients. Doctors spend much time listening to patient’s history and background.  Mental support is very much required as it is a mental disorder. Support groups who can give assurance and accompany, can play an important role here. Patients should not be kept alone. Meditation can be helpful. Proper rest and sleep is needed. Patients should be freed from all bad tension and situations. Family, friends and other accepted persons can aid them to become well and come back to normal life. Some scientific exercise and process is also helpful. IF the situation get worse, as a last resort patient can be hospitalized where doctor take proper care.

Some medicine can be prescribed. One thing to remember that drugs are not very much helpful rather mental support and counseling can help patients to overcome this imbalanced mental situation

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