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The Bermuda Triangle- A Mystery and Myth in the Atlantic Ocean

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The Bermuda triangle, also known as “The Devils Triangle” is one of the wonders of thought for the scientists and historians of our time. There have various myths about this place where people believe something unnatural activities happened there. This site is located in the closest of Atlantic Ocean stretched from Florida State to Bermuda islands and closest to Puerto Rico. Voyagers face difficulties passing this area with uncertainties and fear in their mind.

“The Bermuda Triangle” was first used in an article for the magazine named “Argosy” in 1964, written by Vincent H. Gaddis. He cited that the area across the sea had something strange phenomenon of disappearing the ships and vessels. Mr. Gaddis also claimed that there was no concrete evidence for these mysterious activities in the sea. Mr. Spencer in a book in 1969 “Limbo of the Lost” highlighted these unusual incidents. A documentary also released in 1971 named “the Devil’s Triangle” Based on the writings of that book.

Scientists and researchers are still conducting many researches to find out the hidden truth of the Bermuda Triangle. Some argues that there is a very specific magnetic actions going on there which lead to the attraction of planes and ships. Others claimed that due to methane eruptions from the sea oceans make an imbalance situation to for the vessels to float in the water. It would become difficult for the ships to maintain their weight which ultimately sinks.

In 1975, an Arizona State University librarian, Mr. Larry Kusche provides a different view regarding this matter. He claimed in his book “The Bermuda Triangle Mystery-Solved’ that the ships might also disappear in the calm ocean where no abnormalities found. The disappearance of “USS Cyclops” in 1918 is one of the noted stories in the history of sea tragedy. The missing of “Flight 19” and “SS Marine Sulphur Queenwere two noted examples.

People have much interest and curiosity to know the true underlying factors of this topic. The Bermuda Triangle still remains a mystery for many sea tragedies. The sea scientists and scholars are still trying to identify the underlying facts behind the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. We believe that with the advancement and innovation of modern technologies for exploring the underwater state, the mystery will be unlocked in near future.

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